yo wat up im Midget niinja well my really namz gArY so.Any way tis is a new website and we dont hav tat much equipment 4 videos nd pics but wer workin on it.So tis website is owned by Midget niinja nd flood duck.Im Midget niinja  and if u ere d name dylan tats flood duck.Wen ur lukin at are vids ur gonna c us wit d intervention sleight of hand pro stopping power pro steady aim pro we us semtex nd flash bang nd are favourite map iz derail.wer also gonna post so vids on u tub soon once we figur out how 2 post tem so if u hav any tips on how 2 get vids on utub nd d website plz post a comment nd tel uz wat u tink nd ur tactics chow 4 now c ya.hi dis is flood duck back again so ya met midget hes ma best freind as u know i love da intervention im new to it i am apparentley a ledgend with well my freinds say i am we all learned how to snipe from HUTCH our opinion is HUTCH is the best sniper in the world u may think different but we all agree HUTCH the best check out his vids on youtube we quickscope and snipe normally im not gonna go on much more because i dont know wat to say.so as flood duck was sayin HUTCH HUTCH HUTCH one of  the best snipers in the world well thats wat we think. my name is Steven i share Midget niinja with gary and im the only one out of the tree of us who does i love to snipe seeya.hi its flood duck back again as you can see the website is getting bigger by the minute we are thinking of making sniping tournaments we will make a new page for it.



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